Melani Federico was born in Parma in 1976 and moved to Empoli 80s. His passion led him to be channeled in a multifaceted way, approaching craft techniques both traditional and new, such as wrought iron, steelwork, terracotta "Raku", mosaic and many others. Its peculiarity is the testing of combinations of known materials, with the splendid result to produce objects of daily use and not, they appear in the eyes of the viewer as true works of art innovative, but without losing its functionality. But all this is supported by a study of planning and design are studied in which the smallest details, before moving to implementation. The use of materials is taken from nature (wood data from the sea, river pebbles, etc.) and recovery (wood, iron, ropes, aluminum, etc..) Mean the emergence of a desire of the object doing the work of Federico a real work in progress, and ensuring that any object, furniture, installation, or other, created by Federico is a unique and unrepeatable. Federico currently works in the historical center of Lastra a Signa, surrounded by walls is Brunelleschi's lying his Bottega d'Arte, populated by his creations, dream interpretations of common objects that become works of fine craftsmanship.